Plywood parts: The material used in our jewelry is birch plywood, which is made from birch grown in a Finnish forest. The plywood is FSC and PEFC certified, which is a guarantee that it is a responsible choice and that the plywood is manufactured in a way that supports sustainable development. The plywood parts are laser cut to shape in Helsinki.

Metal parts: The metal parts of the jewelry are made of stainless steel, which is not only a durable and maintenance-free material, but also allergy-friendly. The metal parts are purchased from a Helsinki-based company that imports jewelry parts from China from a long-term and reliable source.

Print products: We deliver jewelry attached to cardboard or in a jewelry box made of ecological cardboard. Our jewelry boxes come from the EU and are made of FSC-certified cardboard. Background boards and our other printed products are printed in Finland on FSC-certified cardboard.

Packaging materials: We ship our products in packaging made of ecological cardboard and all our shipments are mainly plastic-free. Since we use paper tape to seal the mailing boxes, the packages can be recycled as cardboard waste. We also occasionally use recycled materials for packaging.

All our jewelry is assembled by hand in Vantaa, Finland.