• © 2021 Hidastaja Art
  • © 2021 Hidastaja Art

Jewelry care

Our jewelry is made to last, but with the natural materials used in it, it is good to follow the instructions below.

Plywood jewelery should not be allowed to come into contact with water, ie they should not be used in the shower or swimming. In the shower, in addition to moisture, the jewelry is exposed to various chemicals that can easily damage their wood and metal parts and weaken, for example, the gluing of stud earrings. The jewelry is also not heat resistant and should not be used in a sauna or stored in direct sunlight. Over time, dirt and grease can accumulate on the surface of the jewelry, allowing you to wipe the surface lightly with a damp cloth. We recommend that the jewelery be stored in a jewelery box, for example, so that it remains protected from light and moisture.

Jewelry may also have a smell of smoke due to the jewelry being laser cut into shape. However, the smell gradually disappears from the jewelry.

Contact us if any part of the jewelry breaks. If necessary, we can repair the jewelry or send new parts.